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WARNING..Travelling with a handie.

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WARNING..Travelling with a handie. Empty WARNING..Travelling with a handie.

Post by daxi on Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:11 am

I saw this on Southgate ARC';s news site & have posted it here as it relates to both Amateurs & unlicenced 446 radios.


I am from Singapore and currently i am being detained in Phuket Thailand, Please allow me to share with you, what actually happened. With a group of friends,that are keen 4x4 drivers, we drove from Singapore, via Malaysia to Phuket Thailand. With the need to communicate in the convoy, we were all using walkie talkies in our cars, as it was expensive to communicate via mobile phones.

All went well when we crossed the international border into Thailand, but my nightmare started when we were driving in Phuket Island on the 1st of December and we were stopped at a routine roadblock at Kamala checkpoint in Phuket. I was detained as i was using a handheld Yaesu FT60 Walkie talkie.........The Officer asked me for a bribe of 20,000bt to let me go, but i politely explained to him that i didnt have that much cash on me and it was in the hotel room. We couldnt' communicate well and therefore i made a call to the Singapore embassy in Thailand and asked the officer to translate for me.
After passing the phone to the officer and after my embassy has spoken to the thai police officer, i was detained and driven to the police station where i was thrown into the prison lock up for a night. I was susbquently released on bail the next day, when my Singaporean friends bailed me out for a whopping 100,000 bt, the thai cell mate that shared the cell with me, was locked up for possesion of drugs and his bail was only 40,000 bt. I was told to report back on the police station on the 9th of december when my understanding was that i would be sent to the court to face the sentence. but it wasn't the case, i was instead taken to the thai immigration department to extend my passport where i paid 1900bt to extend my passport and had to give 500bt to the policeman as "service charge".
Up to today, i do not know my charge and i was told that i had to remain in thailand and unable to return to thailand for like 1-2months while they investigate and send the walkie talkie for investigations and testing.

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