Radio Marina from Jenni Baynton, lightship. Screenshot2010-02-07at162224-1
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Radio Marina from Jenni Baynton, lightship.

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Radio Marina from Jenni Baynton, lightship. Empty Radio Marina from Jenni Baynton, lightship.

Post by daxi on Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:49 pm

Rumour has it that later this month Radio Marina will start some test transmissions from the lightship Jenni Baynton on 1485khz.. It is said a new T antenna ( & a photo showing a Marconi T has been posted,) will be used. The last test TX's from the Jenni were excellent & heard over much of the UK. Power has been greatly reduced since, but if these test TX's are anything like the last then it will be worth listening to.
I do not know where the vessel will be broadcasting from, but even in harbour it can put out one hell of signal.

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