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A270-10S Cushcraft 2m/70cm 5 el Yagi

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A270-10S Cushcraft 2m/70cm 5 el Yagi

Post by 2W0PWR on Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:14 am

Has anyone tried one? I am wanting a beam for 2/70 and this looks ideal at just under 100.00. Is the build qualaty any good? Can anyone recommend anything else?



A270-10S Cushcraft 2m/70cm 5 el Yagi * Frequency 144-148MHz, 430-450MHz * Elements 5 ea. band * Power 350W * Forward Gain10dB * Front-to-back 20, 18dBi * SWR (typ) 1.2:1 * Bandwidth >4MHz, >10MHz * Boom length 1.9m * Longest element 102.4cm * Turning radius 1.8m * Mast Size 32-51mm * Wind load 0.07 * Weight 0.81kg

This antenna can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal polarisation. It is perfect where space is tight and dual-band operation is required. The harmonic relationship of 2m and 70cm allows clean radiation patterns with minimal interaction.

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Re: A270-10S Cushcraft 2m/70cm 5 el Yagi

Post by G4TUP on Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:02 pm

I think Cushcraft have got a pretty good name generally. It's good with this ae. that you can clamp it from the rear when vertical so that the mast doesn't affect the pattern/SWR.

Note that it will be reasonably directional on 2m but not so much on 70cms, but there's a load of reviews here that all give good marks:


Also, there's also a load more beam reviews here... take your choice! Smile



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