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Icom IC-E92 D-Star

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Icom IC-E92 D-Star

Post by 2W0PWR on Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:49 am

Icom IC-E92D

I have owned this radio for two weeks now and after testing it out for a short time so I thought it might be a good time to write a review.

I don't know where to start as it is my first review of such a radio. The handheld is very robust and has a solid feel to it. I first started using it on a mountain top above Colwyn Bay and straight away I worked someone in Blackpool on its rubber duck as I sat in the car amazed.

On using the radio for 20 mins it did start to become warm like any other radio and I was using full power but not hot to the touch like some others that I have come across. I was also treating it like a mobile radio, the QSOs were longer than normal to give it a better test.

The radio is rather larger than the standard handhelds out there, like the VX-7R, but with it having so many things built in I don't think it is a bad thing. The radio has a dual receive facility V-U, U-V, U-U, V-V. The only thing to mention is D Star or DV mode is only on B VFO and not on both. I bought the handheld with the HM-17S GPS mic, spare battery and the BC-177 rapid desk charger.

The HM-175 GPS spk mic (added option) is possibly the best mic I have found for Handhelds since being licenced. It seems to be very well built and has a nice feel to it. I am told it is the same mic they use in the corporate field.

The BC-177 rapid desk charger (which is an added option) you are able to charge either a spare battery or the radio itself. It's handy if you buy the spare BP-256.

Back onto the radio now. With its full DTMF keypad you will be able to open the APRS nodes. The menu layout is very simple and when I was looking into this radio I saw review after review saying it took four hours to program one repeater. I have to say they are wrong. The menu could not be more simple to use. I was extremley worried by this and was debaiting to buy the software kit as well but am glad I didn't! I don't like to use any software kits to program the radios as I find it gives myself a better feel around the radios.

The menu layout is very simple and straight forward. Press menu and you will come to a list of options, like 'Display' or 'Dup/Tone' and so on. If you want anything to do with 'Offsets' or 'CCTCS Tones' it's all in the 'Dup/Tone' menu. To navigate around the menu you use the keypad - 2 is up, 4 is left, 5 is enter, 6 is right, and 8 is down.

Bad points

  • No ear phone socket on speaker mic??
  • Only one VFO for DV / D Star mode

Good points

  • 4 Power settings
  • Well built
  • Easy menu
  • Waterproof

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Re: Icom IC-E92 D-Star

Post by G1YGJ on Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:17 am

I've just bought one of these and am very impressed with it, the build quality if superb.
A friend, who also has one, programed the memories via the computer, which saved me a lot of messing about.
I'm looking forward to our local D-Star repeater going live soon.
I shall report more as I get used to using the radio, but first impressions are good.
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Re: Icom IC-E92 D-Star

Post by MW0RUH on Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:09 pm

The reason there is no ear phone port on the mike is because it would allow the ingress of water and hence render it's waterproof capability useless and DV is only available on one side of the radio due to there being only one DV Board in the set.


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Re: Icom IC-E92 D-Star

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