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RSGB---Cause For Concern?

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RSGB---Cause For Concern? Empty RSGB---Cause For Concern?

Post by daxi on Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:02 pm

This post has just popped up on a FB amateur radio group.


In August we get an email from the Acting General Manager saying we can have a table. Then another email from the Acting General Manager says there are some delicate negotiation going on. We are told to keep quiet about it. In September we are told by phone, “sorry chaps, you cannot come after all. We know that you are exclusive representatives of many brands and if the factory sent over a staff member from the USA, that would be OK. But not W&S.” So who was this delicate negotiation going on with? Who hatched the plot. Somebody in The Society must know what is going on. We would like to know what the real truth is.

The final sequel is that three weeks ago the Acting General Manager, promised by phone to give us a detailed written statement as to why we could not attend in any form, even as appointed UK representatives – for example of TenTec, Heil or AOR. Even after a number of reminders, the Society has remained silent on this subject.

This is not a vindictive posting, it is an appeal for fairness and openness. Nothing more – Nothing less. The truth will surely come out eventually. Better now than to drag on for months.

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RSGB---Cause For Concern? Empty Re: RSGB---Cause For Concern?

Post by skunkybob on Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:50 pm

Some 'blurb' got issued at a dealer's open day up here and basically accused the RSGB of some sharp practices, there was a reply sent out from a rep of the RSGB a few days later 'explaining' it all....

all societies suffer from loaded questions being fired at them at AGMs, conventions and what have you..

the gist is some company (you guess who) is miffed at another getting preferential treatment but reasons have been given why..I'm not at liberty to gossip as

1. I am not an RSGB member ( if they did an electronic Radcomic and enable a much cheaper subscription rate, I might)
2. I honestly do not care ( bit honest, eh)
3. There may/will be a reason for it all

Note the blog address reporting the loaded question and the dealer where the blurb was giving out is an associate of the same company....

Why no official contact between source of complaint and RSGB ?

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